Searchers of the Unknown Omnibus v3

“catacomb” by begemot_dn

"catacomb"by begemot_dn is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Update: Version 4 is available here

Searchers of the Unknown Omnibus v3 (PDF)
Searchers of the Unknown Omnibus v3 (ODT)

Last week I posted about my play test of the Searchers of the Unknown Omnibus using Temple of the Moon Priests. That session was enlightening and caused me to spend a lot of time thinking about SotU and the lessons I had learned. After talking to my players and many of you online, I decided to make some changes which culminated in version 3 of the Searchers of the Unknown Omnibus. Here’s a quick summary of the changes:

  1. Removed racial level limits
  2. Modified MV to represent feet and added Encounter Movement Rate (MV)
  3. Removed Elf ability to wear armor as Wizard (left ability to use swords and added ability to use bows)
  4. Added equipment
  5. Moved languages from Adventure section to PC Creation Section
  6. Added light, time, and movement rules
  7. Added surprise and diplomacy rules
  8. Gave humans a bonus to diplomacy
  9. Changed from individual initiative to group initiative
  10. Rewrote attack rule so that attack modifier is subtracted from roll instead of added to target’s AC
  11. Gave humans 10% additional xp
  12. Expanded spell lists

I think the biggest change was to initiative but this is something we tried in game and it is just plain faster. Of course this removed one of the two penalties to heavy armor so it caused me to rethink movement and define those rules a bit. I am still toying with the idea of increasing lethality but I feel like that would be a massive departure from the original SotU.

Version 2 of the Omnibus can still be found here

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